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The Nova Scotia Health Learning Institute for Health Care Providers is pleased to offer the following courses from our RN Bridging/Re-Entry Program. This program will help nurses enhance their professional practice, meet regulatory body requirements or review content assessed on the national licensure examination. 

Child Health Theory

Child Health focuses on caring for children and their families in Canada. Various concepts are explored in relation to Child Health including family-centered care; growth and development of children; and health promotion. Acute and chronic child illnesses are addressed in the following areas: cardiovascular, respiratory, hematological, neurological, musculoskeletal, gastrointestinal, genitourinary, integumentary, and mental health. Learning is facilitated through written lessons with learning activities, textbook and journal readings.      

Child Health Clinical

Note: Learners are only permitted to take this course when they are referred.

Child Health Clinical practicum is designed to provide learners with nursing practice experience in caring for children in the contemporary Canadian context. Supervised nursing practice experiences on selected clinical units will assist the learner to integrate professional knowledge of registered nursing practice in Canada and enhance critical thinking skills and decision-making skills. The clinical consists of approximately 80 hours of preceptored experience. It is expected that the learner will meet all of the clinical competencies.

It is policy at the Learning Institute that learners complete pre-clinical requirements prior to the clinical course. These requirements are set forth by the health care organizations and include such things as immunizations, criminal record checks and Basic Life Support certification. You will be required to submit other placement specific documents and you will be notified about other applicable prerequisites upon course registration.

Course Outline

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