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Interprofessional Preceptorship Program

PreceptorIn the current employment environment, with acute shortages of skilled professionals, the role of the preceptor has never been more essential to health care. It has been proven that organizations savvy enough to implement the preceptor model for new staff and learners benefit in numerous ways. Two key benefits are a positive impact on recruitment and higher retention rates of new staff

Preceptor Foundations Workshop

The Interprofessional Preceptor Foundations Workshop was developed by a committee of health care professionals/educators representing every zone of Nova Scotia Health. The preceptor competencies developed previously were reviewed and validated in focus groups consisting of health care providers representing a number of disciplines from all zones of Nova Scotia Health. This workshop is based on the results of those focus groups, the current preceptor literature, and materials from the previous Preceptor Program at the Nova Scotia Health Learning Institute for Health Care Providers and the Nova Scotia Health Central Zone preceptor workshop.

The Interprofessional Preceptor Workshop provides a foundational level of preceptor skills and knowledge for all health care professionals. The workshop is directed towards providing entry-level preceptor skills for those new to preceptorship and as a refresher for those who may have taken another preceptor education program in the past.

Workshop Model

The workshop is based on the following model and competency areas.

We endeavor to bring the best, most hands-on, most up-to-date educational opportunities to you. Because of this, we are committed to staying alert to any ideas that might add value to our programs and move us all forward. The Interprofessional Preceptor Program is never static, but is constantly being revised, updated, and improved. So clearly, our program is distinctive, but it also has lasting, far-reaching impact. Successful completion gives you the specific skills to guide and instruct students, graduates, and employees who may be either new to the profession or highly seasoned pros working in a new practice area. It will also build a confidence that will help you to more smoothly navigate this work, while accompanying you into all other aspects of your life.

All participants receive:

  • A first-rate one-day preceptor development workshop
  • A preceptor certificate
  • A singular opportunity for dynamic interaction and useful networking with colleagues

Contact Information:

Toll Free: 1-800-461-8766 (Atlantic Canada Only)

Email: LearningInstitute@nshealth.ca