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Maritime Nurses Assessment Centre

The Maritime Assessment Centre provides the opportunity to accurately assess professional knowledge, skills, and abilities of nurses educated as Registered Nurses via competence assessments.

If your nursing degree is not from this country, and you want to nurse in Canada, a regulatory body may require you to complete a competence assessment prior to licensure. Competence assessments are also useful for regulatory bodies to determine the current competency of a Registered Nurse who may be having practice difficulties and for RNs looking to re-enter the nursing profession. More information regarding the competence assessment process including cost, time involved and how to prepare is revealed by exploring the tabs to the right.

If after reviewing this information you wish to complete a competence assessment, the following describes what you should do: 

Internationally Educated Nurses

Step 1: If you are an internationally educated nurse applying for licensure with the Nova Scotia College of Nursing or the Nurses Association of New Brunswick and they have requested you to complete a competence assessment, sign the Release of Information form that accompanied your letter and return it to them. 

Step 2: Complete and return the Assessment Centre application. This is located in the list to the left. Once we receive your application and official referral from the regulatory body we can open a file for you and start to determine a time frame for your assessment. We will send you more detailed information once we receive your application.

If you require a Immigration Visa:

Step 3:  If you need supporting documentation from the Assessment Centre for your immigration visa application send us a written request via email. Apply for your immigration visa. As the competence assessment is not a course of study you can do it on a visitor permit (visa).

Step 4: Wait for approval of your immigration visa. It is important that you keep us informed of what is happening with your immigration application and to notify us as soon as it is approved (or denied). We cannot officially schedule competence assessments until visas are approved.

Step 5: Confirm your assessment dates with RNPDC once your visa application is approved. It often takes two to three months to schedule a competence assessment.

Step 6: Book travel and accommodations, and pay assessment fee.

Step 7: Arrive in Halifax, NS and do the competence assessment.


Please submit your application using the link on the top left.

For questions, please call 1-800-461-8766 or email rnpdc@nshealth.ca.