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Advanced Preceptor Education Workshop

Enhance Your Preceptorship Skills

Ongoing learning and education is a crucial aspect of preceptorship. This Advanced/Level Two Workshop will build on core concepts and foundations that were covered in the Foundational Workshop, and will help preceptors to further educate and share knowledge with new students and staff members.

This interprofessional workshop is open to all those who want to take their preceptor skills to a higher level.

What the Advanced workshop covers:

  • Seeing the strengths in others, appreciative feedback, and building on strengths
  • Conflict: working with differences, conflict-style assessment, and appreciating the differences
  • Challenging situations: applying your knowledge, skills, and abilities
  • Activities include self-reflection, small and large group work
  • And more…

Advanced Workshop prerequisites: 

  • Foundational Workshop
  • Two years of experience as a preceptor


No Advanced Workshop dates are currently available.